dinsdag 8 juli 2014

Post-operative massages

"What should I do to get the best results after a plastic surgery"?

- The best outcome is in YOUR hands and not in the plastic surgeon!

People should have a little more knowledge or awareness when they decide to do a liposuction a tummy tuck or any other cosmetic treatment.
To begin with it is very important to prepare the skin for surgical process, watch your diet, and of course consider the costs for post-operative care, or post-operative massages.

 Now it is not "I had a liposuction or tummy tuck and done." From the aftercare depends excellent and satisfactory results.
Within this care is a change of diet and using the special post-op girdle all the time. 

Remember that the girdle plays a fundamental role, as it has a function of pressure therapy,fills gaps,allows better adhere of the skin, and helps molding the body.
One of the most important protocols after a cosmetic surgery is postoperative massages or lymphatic drainage.
Currently these treatments are performed with several alternatives and post-surgical care, and are always accompanied by postoperative massage such as:

- Hyperbaric Chamber
- Pressure Therapy
- Ultrasound
- And most importantly, the MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) or post-operative massage.

 The latter must be done by a beautician not only experienced, but also with a good knowledge of the DLM. Knowing the correct pressure, the use of ultrasound in its proper frequency, precise handling, opening nodes and have delicacy and patience to perform this postoperative massages as from them depends optimal outcome of surgery.
Improper use of hand or postoperative drainage and massage, can cause further trauma to the patient and worsen recovery.
When undergoing this type of surgery, the skin is so sensitive that the slightest touch can cause pain or discomfort; therefore postoperative drainage or massage should not hurt too much, however the patient at the end of the session and the next day should feel a great relief and rest. And this can only be achieved with postoperative massages.

 Some advantages of postoperative or lymphatic drainage massages are:
-The healing time is reduced by half

-The recovery to a normal appearance is faster and in less time than it usually takes.

-The tissues and pain are relieved dramatically.

-Drains are important for their sedative effect especially in the nerve endings.

-The touch of the esthetician helps calm the person that has been in an operating room.

- It improves recovery and patient comfort and gives a perfect end result of the surgery..

-Improves the venous return

-Provides more moisture to the skin

-Reduces bruising and hematomas.

-Inflammation reduced considerably.

 With all the above benefits, don't you believe that manual lymphatic drainage massages or postoperative treatments are needed ...?

Of course you do! Definitely with all these advantages!

It is best to seal the postoperative surgery with some good massages. Ideally 10 to 15 and ACCOMPANIED with ultrasound sessions, good oil and expert hands.

Recovery, and how it shapes the body after massage or lymph drainage is surprising.
This is because the postoperative massages has a direct action on the central nervous system, which triggers the release of endorphins, chemicals that generate states of relaxation and pain relief.
Manual lymph drainage is a technique unlike other massage techniques is known since 1936, this stimulates the lymph, and get great effects as:

-Supports the immune system
-Anti swelling

Lymphatic drainage together with the post operative girdle, a balanced healthy diet will help you get the desired results after a cosmetic surgery, and of course can not miss the postoperative massages

Calibelleza always includes a pack of 10 sessions postoperative therapies and DLM in packages that include abdominoplasty, lipectomy and liposculpture. If you want more you can always get them with our therapists.

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donderdag 12 juni 2014

The new hairtransplant- hair micro grafting

Hair implants/ Hair micrografting

The biggest concern from the aesthetic point of view for men is hair loss and become bald.
Hair loss is generally due to hereditary and hormonal factors.
The hair implant or hair micrografting is an ambulatory procedure with satisfactory results.

Frequently asked questions about hair micrografting:

1. Am I a candidate for a hair implant/grafting procedure?
A:-Any man or woman that experience some degree of baldness may be a candidate.

2. What is a hair implant/micrograft?

A:- It consists of transferring the hair follicles of each hair in the form of a micro-graft from a donor site. The technique performed by our doctors is designed to have a natural postoperative appearance and will be unnoticeable.

3. How effective is the procedure?

A:- The transplanted hair will grow for life and begins its growth at two (2) months and will have  the   final appearance at ten (10) months.
    - The micro-grafting technique is the most advanced technology at this time worldwide.
    - Some patients need more than one session of hair micrografts.
    -  Expect to wait between 8 and 12 months between each intervention.

4. What are the mini and micrografts?

 A:-Grafts are one or two hair follicles that will later be implanted in the area of baldness or there  where  the hair is sparse on the patient. It’s main feature is the naturalness of the post-surgical outcome.

5. Is hair transplantation with micro grafts painful?

A:-Some patients report minimal discomfort that disappears with the help of analgesics/painkillers.

6. Is it possible to do micrografts  hair implants on scars?

A:-It is necessary to analyze each individual case to define the possible outcomes of the implant. There are many cases where the results of camouflaging scars are quite satisfactory.

7. Why wait?

A:-Baldness is a progressive problem and persists throughout life; it’s better to act from the moment it begins to appear.

If you are interested in this procedure, then please visit our website www.calibelleza.com or  contact us at  info@calibelleza.com for more detailed information and prices.