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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is to stop hair loss and achieve healthier and stronger hair growth, this treatment is done by introducing medicinal products directly at the scalp using fine needles for it.
The use of Mesotherapy for hair loss achieves very good results in those who still retain the folic pilose as injected drugs act on these, increasing blood circulation and regenerating them for hair growth to occur.

Of what consists hair mesotherapy ?

Micro needles are inserted into the scalp drugs such as vasodilators, vitamines and trace elements(oligoelements).
Mesotherapy sessions can last about half an hour, depending of each person's particular problem. The complete treatment can last up to 8 months to a year but the results can be seen at 2 months.

Who can have the hair mesotherapy treatment?

Both men and women who suffer from hair loss, thinning, fine or weakened hair. This type of treatment offers faster results if performed early.
We reaffirm that hair mesotherapy is only beneficial to people who still retain the follicles and hair will not grow on people that are totally or partially bald.

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