zaterdag 16 november 2013

The MMK treatment

Feeling too young for botox? Do you prefer natural based products instead of chemicals? Then this might be interesting for you!
MMK – or Multi Mineral Complex is a homeopathic based multi mineral complex that is good for your skin!
It is injected subcutaneously with a tiny meso therapy needle, feeding your skin.
Leaving it smoother, healthier , with a radiant glow,  AND preventing wrinkles.
Sadly it doesn’t take away already existing  wrinkles -for that you still need botox. But hey! Prevention is more important then fixing the problem.
It’s also perfect for your cleavage or -decollete which is a part often forgotten.
It’s for men and women from 18 years and older. -Yes guys it’s good for you too!!

The first 2 sessions are done 15 days apart, then you continue maximum once a month or whenever you feel like getting your vitamin cocktail.
The procedure is very quick, easy an not too painful My pain level is not so high, so I find it a bit stingy ,but others claim they hardly feel it. Vitamins in general tend to leave a litlle burning sensation when injected.
It’s very well combined with a facial. The facial that is offered with these MMK shots include;
 *a facial cleansing with propolis milk
 *a scrub with a special coffee & honey blend (cafeine works wonders for fatigued skin)
 *and an aloe vera mask you can leave on and will soothe your skin after the injections. 
All products are natural.

For men and women in Colombia and other countries in South-america it’s like getting a pedicure.
I have heard the same about countries like ; Indonesia.Thailand, Turkiye and even China. And now it’s available in the Netherlands as well.Cost per treatment starts at €51 and if you keep an eye on my Facebook page and Twitter you will find discounts, promotions and offers from time to time.
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P.S. As seen on the picture: new collagen (natural) has arrived too! Make sure to order if you don't want to mis out! (only a few left!)

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