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Buttocks Augmentation

Some want them bigger, some fuller and others want them more lifted! For both men and women in South-America perhaps the most important body part.

We are going to talk about the buttocks!!

In both women and men one of the most sought out surgeries. I'll be explaining a little bit more about various interventions and techniques to enhance the buttocks.

1. The most common, simple- but most natural procedure: =
The brazilian butt lift ie fattransfer / fatgrafting.  A relatively simple procedure. The buttocks are injected with your own bodyfat obtained from liposuction / liposculpture, so one gets a rounder, fuller and younger looking buttocks. Huge differences are not achieved by this technique, especially if the patient in question has little to no fat or has a very flat buttocks. A portion of this fat is reabsorbed again -about a + / - 30%. The result is very beautiful and very natural, and certainly not least is that the recovery period is not heavy or-too long. Do you have a bit of a buttocks, but want to make them a bit fuller,rounder or just stand out more? Then this technique is very suitable for you!

2. Countouring + Fatgrafting: This is everything done as described above PLUS a liposculpture done around the buttocks so that the surgeon if it were to sculpt your buttocks rounder and fill it with your own fat. Think about the area just under the creases, right above the buttocks to achieve the arch and sometimes around the hips to make them look less broad and more voluptuous

3. Buttock implants: Through the use of special cohesive oval implants one can achieve a spectacular change in the looks of the buttocks. This procedure is a bit heavier and the recovery period is much longer. Because there is much more risk of infection with buttock implants, we of Calibelleza make sure you get taken care of 24 hours a day to avoid infection as much as possible and to pursue a speedy recovery. The results of this procedure are permanent,in other words unlike fat that tends to absorb a bit, implants stay the size they're are. In Colombia implants are often done with minor fatgrafting to achieve more natural looking results. Are you very flat from behind and with little to no bodyfat? Then this is the perfect solution for you! -This procedure is also suitable for transgenders / transsexuals who want to achieve a more feminine figure!

4. A thigh and buttock lift: The buttock and thigh lift is recommended in most cases where there has been a rapid weight loss. (gastric bypass, etc) And as a result has a lot of sagging of the skin in that area. By pulling up the skin in the area of the thighs and buttocks, and while excess fat which is removed, the surgeon can provide more smoothness to the skin while the thighs are lifted up again. This is to improve the contours of the body. This procedure is also done along with a tummy tuck and fatgrafting / fattransfer and the results are sublime! ALL OF THE ABOVE TECHNIQUES ARE SUITABLE FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.

Finally, we want to warn you again for so-called biogel / pmm / silicone / hyalorunic acids shots etc etc. These so-called buttock augmentations with unknown or "known" substances are illegal and dangerous!! People have already deceased. EVEN after long term (10years) these substances at some point are going to infect and/ or rot. With all its consequences! There are cases where whole amputations of legs and buttocks are made and in the worst cases, death of the patient. There are no registered plastic surgeons who perform this treatment. People often go to beauty specialists, veterinarians etc. posing as a doctor and offering this kind of treatment. Unfortunately there is nothing on the market that has been approved yet. So we recommend one of the above four safe options. You only have one body and life so be careful with it! Be safe and if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. We do not offer this so called buttock augmentations with unknown substances (often silicone gel)! However we can help, if you have had injections in the past and need to have the substance removed. Are you interested in one of the four discussed safe options for buttock augmentation? Then start a virtual consult! This consultation is free and without any obligations. 

 For more information: www.calibelleza.com

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