dinsdag 4 maart 2014


This months topic: Rhinoplasty: Not always is plastic surgery just for changing the way one looks- often there are also underlying problems that can be solved like; snorring and breathing problems which lead to fatigue, headaches and so on.
Rhinoplasty a is surgery that is done for aesthetic purposes  (the patient wish to modify the appearance of his/her nose) and / or functional goals as it may be of poor quality and to improve the breathing of the patient.

Rhinoplasty usually includes, among other things:
-reducing of the bone protruding from the nose,
-reduce or correct the deviated septum, removing hereditary or congenital malformations that make breathing difficult.

Rhinoplasty is performed in an operating room, local or general anesthesia is used, but usually general anesthesia is preferred because it is less traumatic for the patient.

Before rhinoplasty, it is important to be well informed and see if you have the right profile for surgery.
                                                           About the procedure
In most cases our doctor will work under the skin, directly over the bones of the nose and the nasal cartilage. Therefor he will not leave visible traces in the nose, so that after surgery, the nose will have it's  best and most natural look.
If it's an open rhinoplasty, the doctor will separate the skin from the bone and cartilage to work more easily and directly on the bones and cartilage of the nose. In this case, it will be an almost imperceptible scar columella (column separates the nostrils at the bottom).
If it is a closed rhinoplasty, the procedure on the bones of the nose but through the nostrils. In this case, there will be no outward sign or visible scar.

                                                Duration of a nose job or Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty usually takes between 1 and 4 hours (depending on the complexity of the case). When the operation must also solve other disorders, surgery time can be extended.

Risks of rhinoplasty include: Bruising, bleeding, prolonged inflammation, adverse to anesthesia, infection and nasal obstruction among other reactions can occur. The benefits of rhinoplasty: better breathing and a new nose more suited to the characteristics and tastes of the patient.
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If you are having difficulties with breathing or just want to reshape your nose, then please contact us on info@calibelleza.com and check our website: www.calibelleza.com

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