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Abdominal Marking

It’s not strange for anybody to want an (almost) perfect physically fit body. Both men and women seek to have a body that reflects harmony and health, bodies that makes them look ; sexy, slender, athletic, young and- nowadays healthier! People that look for that are seen daily at gyms, where they practice hard and undergo tiring exercise routines. For many of those people it can take years before they get satisfactory results and others never get them leaving them frustrated to not be able to develop and mark the desired musculature.
So for you that : want to improve your physical appearance, are exhausted, don’t have the discipline, have limited time and want to develop and mark your abdominal muscles we’ve got some information! Abdominal Marking! With only an 1 hour innovative procedure and few recovery days you can get that much desired marked abdomen or 6 pack!
What is abdominal marking?
Abdominal marking is marking one’s own abdominal muscles and enhancing the muscles that conforms the abdominal wall with the help of a special kind of liposculpture (vaser or laser) leaving you with an healthy and athletic looking abdomen.
How can I mark my abs?
You can get a 6 pack by doing a specific routine of exercises to build abdominal muscles which can take a long time and requires discipline and effort. And NOW you can also get a innovative  surgical procedure that will get you that desired result without much physical effort in a few days!!

Who are candidates for this procedure?
Candidates for abdominal marking must be an adult, healthy and have clear prospects  regarding the surgical outcome and have little fat tissue at the level of the abdominal wall. 
Obese patients are not eligible.
How is this surgical procedure performed?
In most cases under local anesthesia with sedation.
How long does the procedure take and how long is the recovery period?
It is a process that takes an average of one (1) to 2 hours of surgery. The result is seen immediately and within 3 days one can slowly return to some of their daily activities.
Should I use some kind of special girdle?
Yes, a special girdle, which is designed according to the type of technique and adapted for each patient will be used for an average of one month.
What recommendations should I keep in mind to get this surgical procedure?
Like any surgical procedure which carries a great responsibility, you have to take into account:
  • That it’s being performed by a plastic surgeon, Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery and has experience in the technique to be performed,
  • Choosing a good medical institution that is authorized to the Secretary of Health to conduct such surgical procedures.
  •  Be suspicious of low prices and be aware that sometimes “something cheap, at the end can cost you dearly”!
For more information and details please contact us by mail: info@calibelleza.com and visit our website: www.calibelleza.com.

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