zondag 19 mei 2013

Advice for recently operated patients: abdominal tummy tuck

1. Avoid excessive sun and heat
2. Never get up alone.
3. Shower seated.
4. Never remove the drain "hemoback"by your self. Ask your doctor or nurse to do it and / or explanation.
5. It is normal to have "wound fluid" leaking from your back for about 24 hours.
6. Do not make unnecessary efforts.
7. Walk bending a little bit forward.
8. During bedtime keep your knees bent and place some pillows under them.
9. Move your feet regularly in a circular motion and bend your knees for five minutes, because it improves circulation to your lower limbs.
10. Never remain still for long periods except during sleep. Walk, sit and changing positions reduces the risk of venous thrombosis in the legs.
11. In case of breathing difficulties, contact your doctor immediately.
12. Tell your doctor if you have fever or chills.
13. Eat healthy; juices, soups, fruit, salads and lean meat.
14. Do not stop taking medication on your own decision.
15. No car or bike until further notice.
16. Start the massages on the 3rd day.
17. Avoid sex for at least 2 weeks
18. Do not apply cremes to the skin without consulting your doctor.
19. Do not take aspirin or related products.Don't take drugs that are not prescribed by your doctor.