zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Pre-op indications. Very important

1. Do not use drinks with caffeine or alcohol 24 hours before surgery

2. Avoid smoking two months before and after the procedure.

3. Avoid eating irritating foods (pork, dairy products, fried foods) before and after surgery for 15 days.

4. No aspirin,ibuprofen or other painkillers,consume only paracetamol at least 8 days before surgery.

5. Shave the area that is going to be treated

6. Wear on the day of your surgery comfortable clothing (sweat pants and t-shirt)

7.Take vitamin C, before and after the procedure. DO NOT TAKE VITAMIN E!

8. Wash your self with Isodina wash atleast 1 day before surgery (we deliver your Isodine wash)

9. Please remove the Nail varnish of your nails.

10. If you are on birth control, please suspend it at least one week before surgery

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