zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Recommendations for patients that recently had surgery: liposuction

 1. Avoid the sun and excessive heat.
 2. Use the special "girdle" 24 hours a day
 3.It's normal that "wound fluids" are discharged by incisions in the back and abdomen in the 1st 48 hours after the operation.
 4.Drink sufficient liquid. (water)
 5. If you do not urinate within 6 hours call your doctor.
 6. Start the massages within 3 days or the latest 5 days
 7. It is normal that your clothes do not fit, because you're bloated
 8. Don't get up or shower by yourself
 9. bathe sitting down
10. In case of dizziness lie down and immediately ask if your legs can be raised.
11. Use maternity towels from "Tena" between your skin and the girdle.
12. In case of respiratory problems, consult your doctor immediately.
13. In case of fever warn the doctor.
14. When fat is placed in the buttocks or elsewhere and you feel heat and fever or severe pain at the site, call your doctor. Don't massage.
15. Avoid having sex in the first 2 weeks

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